Stan Silver - Hot Blooded Redneck Girl
Description : Musique country de Stan Silver avec le titre "Hot Blooded Redneck Girl" (Clip)


Flying down the interstate
Turning my back on the city
All fead up with my 9 to 5
When the country can be so pretty
I saw this girl at the roadside
She was trying to hitch a ride
A puppy still but she said she will
Ride shotgun if I don't mind

She said take me down this country road
Southbound to the sun
Once we get to my neck of the woods
I'll show you how to have some fun with a

Blond haired, blue eyed, hot blooded redneck girl
Let them four wheels take us home to your hill billy world
Of this blond haired, blue eyed, hot blooded redneck girl
There's moonshine, romancing a good chance to give it a whirle
With a hot blooded redneck girl

Banging on all cylinders
Boud to win this prize
I made her feel like the roads on fire
Put a sparkel into her eyes
She was talking all that sweet talk
How a man should be a man
I was hopng she wasn't joking
When she reached out to take my hand

Her great big smile was whispering
Think of all the things we can do
It felt like seventh heaven
Like a dream was coming true with a
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